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We are always in need of quality foster homes willing to open their homes and their hearts to our rescued animals. Fostering an animal is a very rewarding experience. While all of our volunteers are extremely important to us, we could not rescue any animals without foster homes.

Foster families help unwanted or abandoned animals by taking them into their home and treating them as a family member. They nurse them through any medical issues they may have, provide love, socialization and training when needed to help the animal overcome behavioral problems while we search for their forever homes. This research is largely based on the information we receive from our foster families as they are the ones that have gotten to know our animals.

We try to find out all we can about the animals that come into our rescue.

We try to find out if they have behavioral issues, medical issues, etc. prior to choosing a foster family. Unfortunately, often times the information we receive from the person that surrendered the animal may not be accurate or there simply is no information available.

Before deciding to become a foster family, you will need to take into consideration that there may be unexpected issues that WOFAR was not aware of.

Some of the animals may be angels, some might need a little coaching on good manners, while some may have been abused and need help overcoming their fears. You will see the animals at the lowest moments in their lives, and you will watch them as they regain that spirit that we all know and love.

As a Foster family, you will be the person we look to for information on the needs of the rescue animal. You’ll provide us information on your experience with the animal, what they require for care, and behavioral issues, if any, you have experienced with the animal. Our foster families will be asked to complete the initial interview with potential adoptive families and during the process tell them about their foster animals habits and personalities. Since you will know your foster animal better than anyone, the information you provide to us is crucial in helping us to find the right “forever home” for that particular animal. Foster homes are also asked to bring their animals to vet visits and adoption events – where they get the greatest exposure and opportunities for adoption. We understand fosters may not be able to transport to every vet visit or event and we will work with you to help. We have many volunteers who will be able to provide the transportation if necessary.

Foster families are an integral part of our mission to give every animal we can a chance at the best possible life and to thrive and feel the love they deserve in a forever home. Please considering fostering. Fostering is PRICELESS!

Please consider this before committing to Fostering

  • Be prepared for the unknown. We try to find out all that we can about a rescue animal, however, it is not always accurate or there may not be much known about a particular animal, as some of our animals are strays or come in from shelters where there is little information left from the previous owners.

  • Be prepared for the animal that is coming into your home to be stressed and out of sorts for a little while. Take it SLOW (baby steps) you will need to give him/her time to adjust.

  • Be prepared for an animal that may have medical issues that needs to be taken care of.

  • Be prepared to train the foster animal if needed.

  • Be prepared, fostering an animal can be a “bitter sweet” task. We all fall in love with our foster animals and that’s how it should be. If you didn’t love them you wouldn’t be doing this. Remember every foster animal you nurture and help has the best chance of finding a “forever home” and for every animal that finds their “forever home”, your home then becomes open to help another animal in need. Saying goodbye to your foster animal can be bittersweet. But remember, you are the catalyst that allows your foster animal to get to the right “forever home”. Never forget, your foster animal will always be with you. They leave their paw prints on your heart forever!

  • Be prepared to keep your foster animal for a long time. It can be weeks, months or longer that the foster animal is with you. WOFAR goes to great lengths to match the right “forever home” with the animals. Sometimes a suitable family for your foster animal may not come along so quickly. Therefore, we ask that you be patient with us and know that we are looking for the perfect home for your foster.

Most importantly remember you ARE NOT ALONE. WOFAR works as a team. 
We are here to provide support and advice.

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